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Pop Up Display

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Pop-Up Displays are portable, lightweight and simple to setup. The entire display packs neatly into a hard shipping case. The case itself even doubles as a podium for an ultra-efficient setup with no unused shipping containers that require storage during your show. Our Pop-Ups have been thoroughly tested for performance, durability, and longevity.

pop up display cayote


The superior and widely popular Coyote™ Pop up collapsible display system combines strength, reliability and style. Featuring lightweight, purple collapsible aluminum frames, magnetic channel bars and magnet applied rollable UV graphic panels or fabric panels, Coyote displays are an easy way to make an impact at any event or tradeshow.

State-of-the-art rare earth neo magnets on individual channel bars make Coyote displays fast and easy to popup and breakdown, especially when compared to complicated "snap in" channel bars and fragile locking style systems. Display systems are offered in many sizes and configurations, from tabletop to 20ft long displays. Coyote pop up displays are portable, versatile, durable and easy.

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